Classes for Older dogs (6m+): 
Gordon RDA, Inverurie

Did you miss the chance to take your dog to puppy class and to teach them basic skills / how to work around distractions? Or have you re-homed a dog that needs to learn from scratch? Then this is the class for you!

Puppy Class (3-8m)
Gordon RDA, Inverurie 

Just got a new puppy? PetMind's puppy class provides a safe space for your puppy to learn skills that will help them to grow in to calm and confident adults. 

  • Look at me

  • Loose-leash walking / Close

  • Hand-targeting


  • Leave it

  • Recall

  • Settle 

  • Drop

  • Greeting people with feet on the floor

  • Emergency stop


  • Understanding dog body language

  • Confidence with handling

Both classes are open to dogs of all sizes, we use positive-reinforcement to help your dog with:

Puppy owners will also be taught 'sit' and 'down' and will be given advice on safe and effective socialisation and prevention and management of puppy biting.

Price for 8 week course - £160