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The Axis Centre, Newmachar - Monday pm
Gordon Riding School for the Disabled - Wednesday pm

Classes for Older dogs (6m+): 

Gordon Riding School ONLY (Inverurie).

Did you miss the chance to take your dog to puppy class and to teach them basic skills / how to work around distractions? Or have you re-homed a dog that needs to learn from scratch? Then this is the class for you!

Puppy Class (3-6m) 

Just got a new puppy? PetMind's puppy class provides a safe space for your puppy to learn skills that will help them to grow in to calm and confident adults. 

All classes are open to dogs of all sizes, but are NOT SUITABLE for dogs struggling with barking or hyperactivity around people and dogs. These behaviours are better addressed in one to one training. In class we use positive-reinforcement to help your dog with:

  • Look at me

  • Loose-leash walking / Close

  • Hand-targeting


  • Leave it

  • Recall

  • Settle 

  • Drop

  • Greeting people with feet on the floor


  • Understanding dog body language

Puppy owners will also be given advice on safe and effective socialisation and prevention and management of puppy biting.

Price for 8 week course - £160

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