About PetMind

PetMind offers behaviour consultations, one-to-one training and advice for pet owners from the comfort of your own home. 

Training, advice and behaviour modification techniques are based on up-to-date, scientific findings and utilise reward-based methods for the best results.


We understand it can be confusing to know which service is right for you, so we have added a quick summary of services here to make the choice easier!

Training and advice


Services include:


  • Basic obedience (recall, loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, leave it),

  • Games for focus ​(look at me, find it, settle)

  • New pet advice (including transport home, settling in, housetraining and socialising)

  • Advice changes in the home (new baby, re-decorating, moving)

Behaviour Consultations:

Behaviour consultations involve assessment of more complex behavioural problems including, but not limited to:


  • Animal-human aggression,

  • Animal-Animal aggression,

  • Separation-related problems

  • Fears or phobias

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Vocalisations, Destruction and chewing

  • Attention seeking

  • Inappropriate Chasing

  • House-Soiling

Please note: As behaviour problems are normally well-practiced before a behaviourist is called, treatment is not a 'quick fix'. Behaviour modification can take time and requires all family members to be consistent.


The Team

Laura McCarthy

Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Laura McCarthy (and Inca!)
BSc (Hons) Zoology
MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour

Laura has always had a love of animals and has 11 years experience working with both wild and captive animals.


She has a wide array of training experience, including birds of prey.

In 2017, she completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln.

Laura lives with Inca (german shepherd) and Kizzy (Cypriot rescue) who are lively and keep her on her toes. Inca is also the reason that Laura got in to behaviour - so watch out for both on the PetMind social media pages!


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