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Forget Diamonds, Dogs are a girls' best friend too!

This girl thinks that dogs are definitely better than diamonds - and they deserve to know it too! So how can you work to build a better relationship with your dog?

Read on and find out ;)........

1. Learn to speak dog

Dogs are wonderful at interpreting our words and gestures and it is about time we learnt to return the favour. Although dogs are vocal, their primary method of communication is body language. Do you know how to identify when your dog is happy? When it is scared? How about when it is conflicted? Many of you will be surprised to know that subtle signal like lip-licking, yawning, scratching, sniffing and shaking can all be indicators of stress in dogs. So look out for these cues and give your dogs some space if you notice them.

2. Play!

Play is a wonderful way to build a strong and positive relationship between you and your dog, so take time to give your dog this positive attention - I guarantee it will lift your mood too. Tuggy toys, balls and scent games are all brilliant ways of engaging with your dog and can also be used to encourage focus, reduce reactivity and build a solid recall - don't believe me? Just ask how! :)

3. Handle me kindly

A good cuddle is sometimes just what you need and your doggo may feel the same. Please be aware that sometimes, they may not be in the mood. Learn to look out for those signs of discomfort (mentioned above) and give pooch some space if they need it. They will learn to love you all the more! Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? ;)

Also, there may be some things that your dog finds uncomfortable or unpleasant (think brushing teeth or clipping claws) - there are many ways to handle this in a more positive manner. If this is of interest, please ask me about co-operative handling techniques.

I hope these few handy tips have been useful. As always, if you want information on how to apply these in your every day life, please comment or get in touch. Also, I would be delighted to hear what you would like in my next blog!

All the best :-D

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