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Training and advice


Want to teach your pet new skills or improve on the ones they already have?

PetMind offers one-to-one training to suit all levels.

Services include:

  • Basic obedience

    • Recall

    • Loose-leash walking

    • Sit, stay, down

    • Leave it/drop

    • Self control

  • Focus and settling

    • Look at me

    • Touch

    • Settle

  • Scent-training


Are you planning on getting a new pet or to make changes to your lifestyle? 

These advice packages will make sure you know how to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Services include:

  • New pet advice (including transport home, settling in, housetraining and socialising)

  • New baby/family member

  • Moving home

  • Re-Decorating

  • Looking after elderly pets

  • Happy vet visits

Packages Include:
  • Face-to-face discussion/instruction

  • Access to training material (written advice sheets)

  • Advice on training aids

  • Travel within 10 miles of home base (AB51)*


Price: £45/hour 


*Additional travel outside home area is charged at £1.36/mile

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