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Behaviour consultations involve assessment of more complex behavioural problems including, but not limited to: Aggression, separation-related problems, fears or phobias, repetitive behaviours, vocalisations, destructive behaviours, house-soiling and self-mutilation.



Only appropriate for:


  • Basic obedience: Recall, loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, leave it, focus

  • New pet advice (including puppy advice and training)

  • Changes in the home: New babies, moving home or redecorating.


Classes are NOT aimed at modifying problem behaviours - if your dog has dog-dog or dog-person issues, then a Behaviour Consultation is more appropriate.

Classes are offered for puppies (3-8m) and older dogs 6m+ and cover skills to build confidence, control and communication.​

Inca's Trail

Enclosed Dog Park

Book your space at our private-hire, dully enclosed 3.5 acre dog park here!

Opening 19th April 2020

Based in Midmar, Aberdeenshire

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